Utah Homicide Survivors provides open group therapy to surviving family, friends, co-workers, and other loved ones of homicide victims free of charge.

Group therapy services for homicide survivors can be an effective way for individuals to receive support and share their experiences with others who have gone through similar situations. Group therapy sessions typically involve a small group of individuals who have all experienced the loss of a loved one due to homicide. The sessions are facilitated by a trained therapist who provides guidance and support as group members share their stories and discuss their feelings. Group therapy sessions can provide a sense of community and help to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness that many homicide survivors experience.

Group therapy can also provide a space for individuals to learn from others' experiences, gain insight into their own grief, and develop new coping strategies. It's important to seek out group therapy services that are tailored to the unique needs of homicide survivors and to work with a therapist who is trained and experienced in this area.

In short about us.

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Utah Homicide Survivors is a nonprofit organization that provides support, resources, and advocacy for those who have lost a loved one to homicide. Their mission is to provide a supportive network for survivors and to help them navigate the aftermath of such a traumatic event. The organization offers various services, including grief support groups, counseling services, legal advocacy, and educational resources. With a compassionate and dedicated team, Utah Homicide Survivors is committed to helping survivors heal and find justice in the wake of tragedy.
Utah Homicide Survivors started in April 2019 after founder, Brandon Merrill saw a gap in services for families of homicide victims in Utah. Utah Homicide Survivors received its first VOCA grant in July 2019 and has been serving families of homicide victims ever since.

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Our groups are led by trauma informed therapists in order to fully address the needs of survivors.

These groups meet virtually every other Wednesday in English and every other Thursday in Spanish. To inquire about joining our groups in English or Spanish click the link below.

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Individual therapy is not offered at this time but will be offered in the near future. If you would like a referral for an individual therapist please contact our victim liaison at: